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What are Causes of ‘Flat Feet’ in Children and How to cure it?

Normal feet have arch at the inner portion or instep of the feet extending from the heel portion towards the base part of the big toe finger. But some do not have that arch in their feet. Those feet are said as ‘flat feet’. There are people who bear thoughts that...

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Top 10 Things to Know about Your Child’s Bow Legs & Knock knees

It’s tasking jumping into the shoes of a parent. No one prepares you for it. The task becomes even tougher if one doesn’t grasp what to except and the way to handle a selected scenario. The subsequent 2 conditions, Bowlegs and Knock-Knees square measure simply another step throughout the time...

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10 Common Child Orthopaedic Problems

Orthopaedic is that sphere of medical branch that deals with the study of musculoskeletal mechanism in human being, especially the muscles, joints and spine. Orthopaedic especially deals with the amelioration of disfigurement and disorders related to the musculoskeletal mechanism, so it can be referred as a chore treatment of bones...

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Basic Needs of Pediatric Orthopedic Patients

Pediatric Orthopedic Patients refer to those children who are suffering from any kind of injuries in bones, tendons and ligaments starting from infants to an age of 18 years. As these patients include kids so they need much care like proper healthy food, nutritious drinks and other accessories such as...

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The Benefits of Pediatric Orthopedics Kolkata

All human beings are made up of a rigid white coloured organ known as bone which constitutes the vertebral skeleton in the human body.  Bones are hard textured which support various organs in human body parts, also produce white and red blood cells, stores minerals and performs as a structural...

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